The Window to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs is Closing

Daffodil (Narcissus sp.) bulbs and other spring-flowering bulb-like plants (corms, tubers, tuberous roots, and rhizomes) make excellent additions to the landscape.  These plants add color and interest to the late winter/early spring garden while other plants are still dormant.  They can be placed most anywhere in the garden and make great additions to beds, borders, and containers.

The ideal planting time for spring-flowering bulbs is fall to mid-winter to allow enough chilling time (below 40-50 degrees) to induce flowering.  For landscape companies looking to generate some wintertime business, perhaps a bulb planting service in order.  Established daffodils have already started to emerge and the window for planting is closing fast, so grab your planting tools and get to work!

Plant Narcissus bulbs 3-6” deep, root side down of course, and backfill with a clean topsoil.  Fertilize during planting and just after flowering to provide plants with adequate nutrients for next year’s flowers.  For more information on selecting, planting, and installing bulbs, refer to UGA Extension Bulletin (B 918), “Flowering Bulbs for Georgia Gardens.”


Thomas, P.A., Wade, G.L., Pennisi, B. PhD, (October 2012). Flowering Bulbs for Georgia Gardens. Retrieved from 918_3.PDF

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