Problems Your Extension Agents Are Seeing

Insect Problems

Ambrosia Beetles

Box elder bugs

Soft Scales & Aphids

Scale on holly

Sawfly Larvae (on rose)

Pecan Phylloxera

Carpenter bees

Galls on oak leaves

Black sooty mold on shrubs

Cellar Spiders in homes

Lots of honey bee calls

Disease Problems

Dogwood spot anthracnose

Large Patch – Turfgrass Diseases: Identification and Control

Leyland Cypress browning

Azalea leaf gall

Oak Leaf Blister

Other Problems

Herbicide damage to tomatoes

Squirrels digging lots of holes in lawns


  • Neil Tarver
  • Brian Maddy
  • Louise Estabrook
  • Paula Burke
  • Nathaniel Paul Eason
  • Steve Pettis
  • Michael Wheeler
  • Brenda Jackson
  • Steve Morgan
  • Dr. Elizabeth Little

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