Carpet beetles can be more common in the fall

Carpet beetle from pubThis pest is a carpet beetle – adult and larvae. See this information from Management of Pest Insects in and Around the Home

Carpet beetles (Dermestidae: Anthrenus spp.): Adults 1/16 to 1/8 inch, ovalshaped, and calico colored. Larvae 1/8 inch, hairy, oval-shaped, slow-moving, and cryptic.

Habits: Most homes are populated by a small number of carpet beetles, but because they are somewhat cryptic (slow moving, small, and inconspicuous) they are rarely seen. Larvae, but not adults, feed on products in the home that are of animal origin (feathers, wool, fur, hair, silk, skins, dry animal food, etc.) but will also feed on dead insects (found on window sills, in wall voids, and in light fixtures). Carpet beetles do not consume modern shirts and carpets, as they are made from cotton or synthetic fibers. Adults feed on pollen outdoors.

Interventions: Find infested article(s) and remove. Vacuum insects and discard bag, and especially watch for re-infestation. Wash, steam-clean or dry-clean all items of animal origin, especially wool. Have infested textiles professionally cleaned. If desired, apply a spot treatment with an appropriately labeled residual spray to the floor around the infested item(s).

Might Be Confused With: warehouse beetle (Dermestidae: Trogoderma variabile), bed bugs.

For information on these and other insects see Management of Pest Insects in and Around the Home

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