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Check out the Big Shot throw line launcher. It’s a slingshot for tree work.

Want to put a rope in a tree? It has to be in the right place in the tree and it can be difficult to get it there. Tired of throwing and throwing and not setting a line?

Warren Williams, Instructor at North American Training Solutions, demonstrates one in the video below. According to Warren, the Big Shot can launch lines up to 100 feet in tight places and, “It is pretty easy to learn how to use it, doesn’t take a ton of practice.”

It can be used with a standard throw weight and throw line system, or with the specially-designed bullet-style weights. The Big Shot throw line launcher is available from many different venders. It starts at about $125 and goes up – as they say, you get more if you pay more.

Big Shot throw line launcher; tree sling shot

Warren sets a line with the Big Shot.

Ellen Bauske

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