Carrying and Transporting Chainsaws

Put your soul into your work, not your hand or foot:

Always carry the chainsaw with the bar pointed behind you, as shown above. If pointed forward, even when off, you could trip and fall on it. Be sure the hot muffler is located away from your body as you walk.

Engage the chain break any time you take a step with a running saw. Glenn Peroni of North American Training Solutions has demonstrated with one of his famous saw impersonations.

This is what you should sound like when you are cutting up a tree.

Hear the clicking as Glenn engages the chain break? Can you tell how many steps he is taking?

Always shut the chainsaw off before setting it down and before carrying it any distance. It is extremely dangerous to carry a chainsaw while the engine is running.

Let the chainsaw cool before you transport it. Use a scabbard or bar guard to cover the chain when carrying or transporting a saw. The scabbard will protect you and the saw.

Consider purchasing and using some type of carrying case for use during transit and long periods of storage. A case provides protection for you and your valuable equipment. It also makes a great place to store important maintenance instructions (owner’s manual) and tools required for daily maintenance like a bar wrench and a chain file for light sharpening or touch up! Plus, you look sharp.

So how many steps did Glenn Peroni take in his Saw Song Performance? If you guessed at least three, you would be correct.

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