Building a Compost Mound

Source(s): Gary R Peiffer

Yard wastes can be composted without a bin – if you don’t mind the looks of an uncontained compost mound in your yard. The only costs are your time and work.


What You Need

  • Shovel or pitchfork
  • Work Gloves

Maintaining Your Compost

Find a good location and pile your yard waste in a mound about 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet. If you cover the pile with a layer of soil, it will keep in moisture for the microorganisms and soil animals working to make compost.

It is best to have two piles. After the first pile is large enough, stop adding organic material and let it work. In the meantime, add your wastes to the second pile.

Make sure the pile is moist, especially if it is covered with soil.

Adding Wastes

Add wastes as they become available. Non-wood materials, such as grass clippings and garden wastes work best.

You can turn the pile to speed up composting. Compost should be ready in three to four months if you turn the pile, or in about one year if you don’t turn the pile.

Several types of compost bins can be seen at the Fernbank Science Center Compost Garden, 186 Heaton Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30307. The DeKalb County Extension Service also has compost demonstration sites located throughout the county.

For information about home composting, call or visit your local County Extension office or The Georgia Department of Community Affairs at 404-679-4940.

Resource(s): Composting and Mulching

Center Publication Number: 3

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