What I Love about my Georgia Community Garden

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we asked community gardeners across the state of Georgia what they love about their community gardens.  We got some wonderful answers.

From a gardener in Kennesaw:  “The biggest event of the year for ‘Plant a Row for the Hungry’ is sweet potato dig davalentine_lace_9y.  We all enjoy guessing the weight of our harvest.”

From a gardener in Marietta:  “Hearing the kids talk about how much they love eating fresh vegetables – ‘kookombers!'”   Someone from Sawyer Road Elementary says that she also loves the students’ enthusiasm.

From a gardener in Athens:  “I love all the friends I have made at the garden.”  Fellowship and friendship were common themes in replies to our question.  Vicki from Green Meadows Community Garden wrote, “Meeting and gardening with so many different people I wouldn’t have met.  I especially enjoy sharing laughs and knowledge with my fellow gardeners.”  Patty Beckham from Spalding County says, “What I love about The Healthy Life Community Garden is the laughter and conversation among the gardeners as they harvest their beds, or plant new things.  It is a joy to see people having fun as they work side by side in such a beautiful setting.”

From a gardener in Atlanta:  “I love trying new foods.  Our garden has gardeners from many different cultural backgrounds.  We all grow different types of food.  It is fun to try new things.”  Gardeners in Stone Mountain also like the diversity of cultures and backgrounds represented in their garden.

I-Love-My-GardenCherokee County gardeners like having a garden spot while not having to deal with the care of a lawn and other outdoor maintenance required when owning a yard.  One gardener in Cobb County wrote, “It allows people a place to garden who may not have their own property where they could garden.  It shows that gardening is possible for everyone to do.”

Other people enjoy the restorative aspects of gardening.  Terri Carter of the Historic Mableton Community Garden wrote “I love Historic Mableton Garden because it is therapeutic.  When I find myself sad and frazzled I can go to the garden and listen to the birds singing and all the bees buzzing around.  I always feel better when I visit the garden.  I leave with a feeling of peace and well being.”  Debbie Ponder from the Reconnecting our Roots Community Garden also thinks along those lines.  She said, It will give our families a place to spend time together – give back and enjoy being a family.”

If you have spent any time at all in a community garden you know it is about more than growing food.  It is about learning, sharing, teaching, meeting other gardeners, and helping people.  It is clear from the answers we got that gardens are loved for all of these reasons.  Why do YOU love your community garden?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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