UGA Insect Identification Services

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Lady beetleInsects, as a group, currently include over one million known species in the world, with probably millions more yet to be described.

UGA Extension faculty will be glad to provide insect identifications for the public as time permits. We request that specimens be submitted via your local county agent if possible. These agents may be able to provide insect identifications themselves, or if not, they are trained to submit the specimen to the appropriate faculty member via the mail or electronically via the Digital Distance Diagnostic Image System.

Due to the large number of specimens submitted, those insects causing economic damage or those affecting public health will take priority over those submitted for curiosity purposes. There are millions of described insect species and many more that have not been scientifically described. Identification to the species level is not always possible due to damaged specimens, unclear images, or incomplete information.

Find your local Extension Office here or call them at (800) ASK-UGA1 from any non-cell phone.


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