Pollinator Week 2015

Pollinator Week 2015Welcome to Pollinator Week 2015!

This is a great opportunity for your gardeners to reflect on the role of pollinators and their role in your food production.

If you are getting flowers from your cucumbers or squash plants but no fruit – you NEED pollinators.  Even plants like tomatoes and beans that are self-pollinating can benefit from pollinators.

If the homeowners around your garden use pesticides, your garden can suffer.  If your garden is part of a park do you know the pesticide program of the grounds maintenance crew?

This pollinator week I challenge you to plan something for the pollinators.  Need ideas?

  • Educate property owners around your garden about pesticides
  • Add plants in your garden to attract pollinators, especially plants that bloom in late summer
  • Educate yourself about the different types of bees, honey bees and native bees, and their habitat needs
  • Investigate becoming a Certified Pollinator Garden or a Monarch Waystation
  • Plan a story time for children using books about pollinators
  • Host a local beekeeper at your garden to learn about honey bees in your area
  • Contact your local UGA Extension office to see if they have any special events planned around Pollinator Week
  • Become familiar with the Georgia State Pollinator Protection Plan


Pollinator Week 2015
A clump of pollinator plants in the Cherokee County Senior Center Garden

Happy Gardening!

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2 thoughts on “Pollinator Week 2015”

  1. One look at the size of my blackberries this year will tell you that pollinators are a must! They are enormous and sweet, all thanks to the small beehive at the end of the garden!

  2. Oh My! No pollinators here, but hoping for the best with my squash and cucumbers. Thanks for the info and link to plants. I will be making some additions to my garden area soon. Putting out the welcome sign for those pollinators!


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