Georgia Ag Awareness Week 2021

It is almost that time of year!   March 22nd – March 26th is Georgia Ag Awareness Week.  This is the week to celebrate all things Georgia Agriculture.

Happily, Monday of that week is Hands-on Garden Day!  Traditionally, that has meant celebrating our school gardens.  This year is a bit different and the Georgia Department of Agriculture is asking us to celebrating any work in any garden.  So the question is how will you celebrate?

How about spending some time as a family in the garden?  Maybe plan what types of food crops you want to grow this year in your home garden.  It could be a good time to get some cool-season crops in the ground.  Think of what menus you want on the summer dinner table.  Take that cue and plan your plantings.  

Are you challenged with no garden space?  How about a container garden.  There are food crops specially bred for small gardens.  Also, most herbs grow well in pots.

If your local school has a garden, do they need volunteers?  Could you safely arrange to help out in those gardens?  I am sure they could use the help and the labor would be much appreciated. 

Your local UGA Extension office has information on crops grown in your area. Whatever you decide, take some time to appreciate all the wonderful ag products that Georgia offers.  I am dreaming of watermelon, green peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, blueberries….





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