Discount Available for Armitage’s Sun Perennials Online Class

Armitage’s Herbaceous Perennials for the Sun
, a self-paced, self-study online certificate program from the University of Georgia, is authored by Dr. Allan Armitage, one of the world’s leading experts on perennials.

Why you’ll love this course:
Focused The course delivers Dr. Armitage’s insights on how to plant, propagate, and care for 20 of his favorite perennials. You’ll learn to identify the various species within the plant’s genus.
Engaging You’ll benefit from Dr. Armitage’s extensive career in horticulture. In audio clips, the witty lecturer and researcher describes each plant’s origin, characteristics, bloom time, flower structure, and optimum growing conditions.
Convenient The course is online, so you can progress at your own pace, on your own schedule.
Definitive The course’s required textbook, written by Armitage, is renowned in the horticultural world. With more than 1,000 pages, the book is packed with extensive plant descriptions and accompanying photographs, so you’ll use it over and over long after you complete the course!


Dr. Armitage and UGA have a gift for you this holiday season: $110 off the standard rate for the course! To take advantage of the $139 special rate, register between November 11 and January 24. Tip: At this low price, the course makes a great holiday gift for a friend, relative or “significant other”!

What past students say about this course:

  • “A great course! Very informative and entertaining. I highly recommend it.”
    J. Weed
  • “If in-class stuff is not for you, then take this course. Online is AWESOME!”
    Brandon Siler
  • “A great course for those master gardeners and home gardeners who want a deeper knowledge of perennials. The knowledge, appreciation, and stories I gained from this course made it well worth the time I invested in it.”
    Matt Torrence

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