Controlling Red Tip Photinia Leaf Spot

Source(s): Willie O Chance

How do I control the leaf spot/blight on red tip photinias (red tips)?


The only control for this disease is to cut the bush down and plant something else. Sorry about that! Not all red tips get the disease, but all are susceptible to it.

Weather and the location and condition of the plant determine if the red tip gets the disease and how bad the disease is. Fungicides can slow the spread of the disease but you must spray regularly covering every leaf of the plant. This is not feasible. We do not generally recommend that you spray fungicides for this disease. There are some practical things that you can do that may help slow disease spread.

Rake up and burn, bury or destroy fallen leaves. This removes infected leaves that may reinfect leaves still on the tree.

Apply a two to three inch deep mulch around the plant.

Do not let the leaves get wet when you water. Water between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m.

With large red tips, prune off the lower branches and make them into small trees. This can make it more difficult for the disease to reinfect the plant once leaves fall off. Prune off heavily infected limbs.

The best control is to replace the red tips with a durable plant that does not get leaf spot diseases. Contact your local County Extension Office for suggestions or see these publications on the web:


Center Publication Number: 84

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