2016 UGA Pizza Farm

UGA Pizza Farm 2016

Welcome to the 2016 UGA Pizza Farm!

Bring your 4th and 5th graders to the 2016 UGA Pizza Farm which will be held 9:00 am until 2:00 pm on March 29th, March 30th and March 31st at the Georgia State Farmers Market in Forest Park.

Eleven time slots are available for groups of 50 each day.  You should allow 2.5 hours to complete the event.  Everyone will receive a pizza card passport, stamped with each station, which contains educational facts about the Pizza Farm.  At the end, each participant will enjoy a pizza lunch – with fruit, ice cream and water, and a gift bag with a brochure designed for the parental guardians about the educational components of the event.  Reserve your group’s time slot by contacting Beth Horne at 770.228.7214 or at e-mail address bhorne@uga.edu.

By using the theme of a pizza, the Pizza Farm:

  • Exposes urban youth to Georgia’s agricultural commodities
  • Shows how physical activity and a healthy diet play a role in a healthy life style

In addition to being a fun and educational event, participants will receive a healthy pizza recipe that could be shared with family and friends.

The stations include:

  1. Get Moving – physical activity through dance
  2. My Plate – basis for good nutrition
  3. Dough & Wheat – connecting wheat to dough
  4. Herbs, Vegetables, & Tomatoes – produce used for sauce
  5. Dairy – associating a cow to milk and cheese
  6. Meat Toppings – live stock commonly used in meat toppings
  7. Evaluation – assessing what was learned

Registration is $20 per classroom.   Please register by contacting Beth Horne at 770.228.7214 or at e-mail address bhorne@uga.edu.

Pizza Farm 2016 – Promotional Flyer

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