Hourly weather forecasts from the National Weather Service

Taken from the CASE website

The National Weather Service has a good graphical forecast tool for hourly weather variables available on their web sites.  You can get instructions for how to get one for your location at http://www.srh.noaa.gov/oun/?n=hourlyweathergraph.


The forecast has a number of parameters to choose from, including temperature, wind, humidity, rain and other forms of precipitation, thunder, and a variety of fire weather variables that you might need if you plan to do controlled burns.


The output of the forecast depends on what parameters you pick but generally looks like the image below.  The forecasts go out to six days from present, which should give you ample time to plan activities which are weather-dependent, like spraying pesticides or cutting hay.

Many of the private forecasting firms also provide hourly forecasts on their websites and using their apps on smartphones and tablets.

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