Irrigation Capacity Building with Agents and Industry

Resources for Agents

Download, prepare, and print these to conduct your trainings.

Agenda TemplateIrrigation Training Agenda Template

SheetIrrigation Training Sign-In Sheet Template

EvaluationIrrigation Training Evaluation

PowerPointIrrigation Training Presentation

Parts Breakdown: Irrigation Training Parts Breakdown

UGA Urban Water Team

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Rolando Orellana

Urban Water Management/Irrigation Agent
Phone: 770 229 3458

Ellen Bauske

Program Coordinator, Center for Urban Agriculture/Department of Plant Pathology
Phone: 770 233 5558

Bodie Pennisi

Professor, Department of Horticulture
Phone: 770 228 7244

Greg Huber

Training Coordinator
Phone: 770 229 3251

Gary Hawkins

Assistant Professor, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences
Phone: 706 310 3526

Beth Horne

Event Coordinator
Phone: 770 228 7214

Rich Braman

Developer and Systems Administrator
Phone: 770 233 6107