Webinars for Small Ruminant Production

We suggest you download the presentation, rather than viewing it online. If there are interruptions of slowdowns on the internet, that would not affect the presentation. The Vimeo site will allow you to do this. Click the respective video’s title or the word Vimeo.

Session 1

Breed and Breeding, Stock Selection

[vimeo 151585899 w=600]


[vimeo 151593357 w=600]

Body Condition Scoring

[vimeo 151594368 w=600]

Session 2

Pasture Management

[vimeo 152735916 w=600]

Predator Control

[vimeo 152735917 w=600]

Session 3

Health and Diseases

[vimeo 152746543 w=600]

Sheep and Goat Breeding, Lambing and Kidding Management

[vimeo 152746544 w=600]

Session 4

Integrated Pest Management Part 1

[vimeo 154603766 w=600]

Integrated Pest Management Part 2

[vimeo 154603785 w=600]

Session 5

Meat Production

[vimeo 155401010 w=600]


[vimeo 155401013 w=600]