Ten Rules for Pesticide Use in Your Georgia Garden

Ten Rules for Pesticide Use in Your Georgia GardenUsing pesticides can be intimidating.  When using pesticides all gardeners want to get it right.  We want to eliminate the pest with little consequence to our plants, our health or the environment.

UGA Extension partnered with Extension services from Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi to create some helpful rules for pesticide applications.

Dr. Ellen Bauske, part of the development team, says “Gardeners need simple, straight-forward guidance on pesticide use.”

Follow the Golden Rules

Put the right plant in the right place.  Healthy, stress-free plants suffer less from pests.

Identify the plant first.  Be aware of its normal, healthy appearance.

Identify the pest second.  Not all suspicious characters cause problems.

Ask yourself, “Do I really need a pesticide?”  This could save time, money and the environment.

Read and abide by the pesticide label.  THE LABEL IS THE LAW.

Avoid having leftover chemicals.  When choosing chemical controls, buy and mix only what you need.

More is not better.  Use the lowest labeled concentration rate that will get the job done.

Protect beneficial creatures.  Spot treat the pest and avoid broadcast applications of pesticides.

Buy separate sprayers.  Don’t mix herbicides with insecticides and fungicides.

Follow the label instructions for disposal.  Do not put unused pesticides in household garbage containers.


Ten Rules for Pesticide Use in Your Georgia Garden
Read and follow all label instructions.

Pesticide Safety for the Homeowner has information about reading pesticide labels, storing pesticides and first aid.

If you have any questions about identifying a pest or determining what pesticide to use don’t hesitate to contact your local UGA Extension agent.  He/she is trained to help you.

Happy, Pest-free Gardening!

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