Being Thankful in the Garden

We asked a few people in the local food movement to tell us what they are thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday.  Here is what they told us:

Fred Conrad at work!
Fred Conrad at work!

Fred Conrad, the community garden coordinator for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, is well known throughout the metro Atlanta area.  You may have seen Fred riding his tractor down the street of Atlanta.  He writes…

I am thankful that I was able to distribute 100% of my summer harvest to families in need through the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program. It is so rewarding to hand the crops that I worked very hard to raise to families who need it and who are very happy to have fresh local produce. We share recipes and family stories and they get to choose the vegetables they like. Seeing the children, meeting the families, and knowing that you just made their life a little easier. It means a lot, service is a blessing to the giver as well. And don’t believe that people don’t know how to cook, they really do.

Bobby Wilson is the co-founder and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Urban Farm.   He has spent a busy Fall training new gardeners.  Bobby shares…

I am thankful for community gardeners that we have and the ones to come in 2017

Bobby Wilson of the Atlanta Urban Farm.
Bobby Wilson of the Metro Atlanta Urban Farm.

Jeff Miller is the new Urban Program Development Coordinator for UGA Extension.  Jeff has been busy the last several months getting to know the metro Atlanta Extension agents so that he can better assist them in meeting the needs of metro Atlanta.  You can connect with Jeff at his UGA Extension Metro Atlanta page.  Jeff is thankful for:

…the local food movement gaining traction in Atlanta – supplying healthy fresh produce from urban gardens and farms in the metro area.

Jeff Miller from UGA Extension
Jeff Miller from UGA Extension

We all have much to be thankful for this holiday season.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with family and friends.  Hopefully, some of the food on the table is grown by YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!