Landscape Alerts 2013 – The Year in Review!

Here are a few top stories of interest from the 2013 Landscape Alerts. Best wishes for a prosperous 2014!

January 31 – Changes in the way pyrethroid insecticides can be used

In January 2013 the U.S.-E.P.A. mandated some sweeping changes in the way pyrethroid-based insecticides will be used in the home environment. These changes will impact use labels for professional pest control operators and products available to homeowners in the over-the-counter market. Read more

Rose rosette disease on Knock-Out rose
Rose rosette disease on Knock-Out rose

May 23 – Rose rosette virus increasing across the southern states           

Rose rosette virus is usually found in the invasive multiflora roses that now grow wild in many places. What is causing concern is that the virus is now being seen in Knock-Out and other landscape roses. Read more

August 1 – New residency requirement for GA certified applicators

During the 2013 legislative session, a house bill was passed that required all state agencies that issue licenses to verify the legal residence of the applicant. All state agencies had to comply. Certified applicators will now need to verify  legal residency when applying for a pesticide license renewal with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Read more

August 10 – John Ruter takes oversight of the UGA Trial Gardens

After 30 years, the Trial Gardens at UGA — that green, flower-laden oasis sandwiched between Snelling Dining Hall and the College of Pharmacy — is being tended by a new green thumb. UGA Department of Horticulture professor John Ruter took over the day-to-day operations from garden co-founder Allan Armitage on July 1. Read more

September 13 – New bee advisory on neo-nicotinyl pesticides

In 2013 there were instances in which bees were injured by application of neo-nicotinyl insecticides. In an ongoing effort to protect bees and other pollinators, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed new pesticide labels that prohibit use of some neonicotinoid pesticide products where bees are present. Read more

September 15 – Emerald Ash Borer found with a foothold in North Georgia Read more

October 24 Free video helps provide required OSHA training on newly revised Safety Data Sheets

OSHA has revised the Safety Data Sheets (originally called Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS) and requires training for all employees by December 1, 2013. This article explains some of the changes and requirements and has links for further information. Read more

October 28 – UGA mobile apps help professionals care for lawns

Four mobile applications designed by University of Georgia specialists are putting lawncare information at your fingertips, literally. Read more

December 12 – Cool wet summer will probably be followed by dry winter with temperature swings Read more

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