And the Extension Agent said…

When Extension Agents were asked what they were seeing in the local Extension Office, these were some of their responses (requested July 25, 2014):


Trey Gafnea, Meriwether county

  • I have had three reports of fall army worms in the last 12 hours (sent Tue. July 29).


Teddie Berry, Program Asst – Perry

  • Everything to do with pecans
  • Bagworms in cedar
  • Pruning blueberries


Sid Mullis – Augusta

  • Rose rosette virus – 1st case ever brought to me in the Augusta area on July 16.
  • Torpedograss – only the 3rd or 4th case I have been aware of in the Augusta area.
  • And – the dreaded armyworms.


Randy Drinkard, LaGrange

  • spittlebugs on turf (primarily centipedegrass)
  • powdery mildew on a number of ornamental plants (particularly roses, dogwoods)
  • mealybugs on ornamental shrubs
  • euonymus scale
  • early blight on tomatoes
  • fall webworm in oaks, hickories and pecans
  • tons of poison ivy in naturalized areas
  • armadillo damage in lawns
  • Virginia buttonweed in turfgrasses


Tripp J. Williams, Columbia County

  • Fall webworms


Tim Daly, Gwinnett County

  • Millipedes in and around homes
  • Some kudzu bugs
  • Squash bugs
  • Mexican bean beetles
  • Prostrate spurge weed


Jule-Lynn Macie, Griffin, GA

  • Bag worms!


Gary Peiffer, Dekalb County

  • Brown patch on fescue, Bermuda
  • Rust on serviceberry, etc.
  • Fire Blight on Bradford pear
  • Cold damage to hawthorns, shrubs
  • Japanese Beetles on crepes


Willie Chance, Peach County

  • Melting out in Bermudagrass
  • Japanese beetles on Knock Outs, etc,
  • Lots of crabgrass

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