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St. Augustinegrass

Take-All Root Rot of St. Augustinegrass

Take-All Root Rot, Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis, has recently emerged as a destructive disease in Georgia. The disease is a problem in many other southern states as well. Take-All Root Rot is most common in St. Augustinegrass lawns, but affects all warm season turfgrasses.

Centipede and St. Augustine Lawns

Perhaps the most important factor in developing and maintaining an attractive and problem-free lawn is to choose a grass that is adapted to your area and has the qualities you desire. Centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass are grown primarily in central, south and coastal areas of Georgia. 

Centipedegrass(Eremochloa ophiuroides). This is a low, medium textured, slow growing but aggressive grass that can produce a dense, attractive, weed-free turf. It is more shade tolerant than bermudagrass but less shade tolerant than St. Augustine and zoysiagrass.