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Nuts and Bolts of Water Gardening

Location, Location, Location. No, this is not about Real Estate. Planning and site selection are the most important steps in building a water garden. Poor planning causes many of the problems of installing and maintaining a water garden. Before you put a shovel in the ground know what you want to create.

Using Gray Water in Your Landscape and Garden

During times of water shortage, slightly used gray water can provide an alternative landscape irrigation source. Separating slightly used (gray) water from sewage (black water) makes good conservation sense.

Summer Vegetable Garden Care

As the days get hotter and drier, keep a watchful eye on your vegetable garden. Careful attention to a few details will help your garden produce a bountiful harvest all summer.

Water Management

Focus your attention on water management first. Most gardens need at least 1 inch of water per week. If it doesn't rain, apply a half-inch of water twice a week.

Growing Broccoli

One of the fastest growing vegetables (in popularity, that is) in recent years has been broccoli. Although this delectable food has been farmed for many years, it has only recently become popular in the American diet. Much of this can probably be attributed to its use on salad bars in restaurants, which has exposed many people to broccoli for the first time.

Growing Asparagus: A Luxury Vegetable

Asparagus is one of the luxury vegetables. It is also one of the earliest spring crops.
Yet few people in the south grow it, and that's a shame. Maybe they just don't think it's worth all that soil preparation.
It does take a bit of extra effort and time to get asparagus started. But think about the long-lasting reward. What other vegetable can you plant once and harvest annually for up to a quarter century.


Many garden plants are affected by mildew, both woody and herbaceous.


Bonsai, An Ancient Art

The art of bonsai is very old indeed. The first people recorded to practice the art were the Chinese who, in the 14th century, collected naturally dwarfed plants from the wild and transplanted them into containers.

A Shady Perennial Garden

Herbaceous perennials usually die back in winter and reappear each spring to thrive and bloom again. They don't always live forever, nor are they free of maintenance.
Photo: Helleborus

Last Call for Winter Jobs

Spring is almost here - ready or not. And this is the last call for many winter garden jobs. Try to do these chores as soon as possible, before your plants really start growing.
    Photo: Tea Scale

Control scale insects on branches of shrubs and trees with a dormant oil spray.

Fall Garden Activities

As the nights become cooler and the days get shorter, it is time for fall garden activities. Although our prime gardening season is over, many fall chores remain in preparation for next year’s gardening season.
Creating a checklist of chores to do now in the garden and yard is important. This way you won’t forget to complete important fall chores and cleanup jobs before the arrival of winter weather.